In a World​.​.

by emo Pope

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༓ ༔༇ ༢༄༉༅༔ ༓

(Super Insightful Artist's Note: he heh... i call this one.. : Untitled Unmastered. jk it's called In A World but the former would have been far apter. it's about the what-they-tell-you and wondering what the matter really is hehe disclaimer this is a product of Whatever-Came-Out. any melodies or "music", where present, is improvised and merely accidental. i used my chest voice for this and didn't even double track? not worth it)

this is for the 2017 RPM challenge and was recorded all during the month of February in my Montreal bedroom.

instruments used were: voices, synthesizers, the piano (reg and prepared), the bass, the music box, resampled field recordings, the radio; my Beautiful Text-To-Speech Children, and the rubber duckie


released March 1, 2017

༓ ༔༇ ༢༄༉༅༔ ༓



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


emo Pope St. John'S, Newfoundland and Labrador

(the laugh lil wayne does in his songs)

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Track Name: In Benign
You Are Sinking Into Cement. It's Going To Wrap Around You and Pull You Into The Ground. WYD?
Track Name: In World
it's so easy x547685476

to mistake the bright lights and the laughter for happiness

et seq
Track Name: In Magma
(from Outside, LOLy/lowly men burn of pity and comme passé in/compassion in them. as they may get in heaven or on card, a hundred Timmen/time would they undo them. and hex body was quite veil. On seeing her. hialtapranada called out; the pall, Gremly the three, watched catefully by the DM, and then ViEd...rd.1/vied: "RT (1)". sattva/sat the thought, to him: now the rhyme has complete/time has come for me, to see myself for lore. "then have Sir Elton/'sirelta'-")

Are they lost in this world? Where I am?
(As McPrinces trolled/strolled on Uncertains... she will leave their pew/"Phew!": sad, the thought to him. )

Almost a case of the-right-thing; almost a case of "the mood side seeing", you told me one time.
(said, live on comet: "hn is quite sanely aloe and catch any prey! end who was so fond of our rives, and end Matey!"
said, "Live on Comet: hn is quite exalt, A-C-T, a CD. sanely aloe! and catch any prey! and put those so fond of our rimes, in me!"
And hex body was what they called a high alter: RD1, the One.")

I have to go (AT.)

Track Name: In Vitro
(Ummm) We are Live at a supermarket, where we're Paranoid!!
Track Name: In Times
cuts me open, and "in my hand", she said, over and over again, then cut them out. and in my hand...
Track Name: In Hand
(i’ll take my things and questions, i’m sorry i settled in, i was told by your words of kindness and love to believe in this, and not intent. i’ll take my things and questions, i’m sorry my darling, i was told by your words of intention not to leave or give in. getting new reasons to fall, and - like that new person i became - changing’s not the end of your stare into my eyes. don’t take it from me, it’s been such a long time, and told me don’t take it, i’d change it all again. well i’d spoil your expectations like i spoil every ending, every time then say something nice like i’m the prettiest you’ve ever seen and never alone. you'd told more upset faces those nice texts you’ll never send again, everything and stay some time, right, like i’m the prettiest you’ll ever see, always alone. really putting the iris in these wide-eyes, in the dark beneath from dilation toward, it’s under huge temples, ones ever wond'ring those words. am i cute for the taking or am i cued "take the fall", was i rude in awakening call, falling for you; dating at all. it is not silent but creates silence, it is quiet and it makes quiet. deafen my ears and with the sound make no dance, it is quiet, makes a place quiet. heaven is silent without sense, stay very, very quiet. we are on the way)

(et seq)
Track Name: Ur Pretty Little Bookworm Cutie, With An Xx xX 2 U (In Bonus Track)
this one Certified Sucks & i love it the most